HUX Joinery






Hux London is a joinery business with a clear focus on high-end and luxury projects. The logo needed to reflect the premium feel of the company while still being evocative of the behind the scenes excellent craftsmanship of its carpenters. Inspired by the commonly used mitre joinery, To reflect the modularity of the work they do, the logo can be used in a multitude of ways, forming angles, vertical or horizontal lines to fit whatever space it is put in. As part of the project, a website was equally designed to showcase the premium joinery is a clean way with excellent photography.

colour scheme presentation
typography presentation
modern kitchen, mood image
business card mockup
copper foil detail on business card
joinery close-up
modern living room, custom joinery wall. mood picture
stationery mokcup
enveloppes mockup
Van mockup
laptop mockup
website pages mockup